Community College
Listed in the WCC Course Catalogue as "EMS 101", our EMT-Basic courses
are the gateway to the exciting world of Prehospital Emergency Medical
Services.  You will learn the basics of ambulance operations, patient
assessment, oxygen administration, airway management, bandaging and
splinting, and many other aspects of Basic Life Support.  

This course introduces the student to EMS systems, basic human
topographical anatomy, basic life support (CPR) as well as assessment and
various treatment modalities for medical and traumatic emergencies.

Students will also complete a 16 hour field internship where they get the
opportunity to interact with real patients in an ER or on an ambulance.  Upon
successful completion of all course work, and practical skills examination,
students are eligible to take the New York State Department of Health
certification exam for EMT-B.

All students enrolled in EMT-B must be 18 years of age by the last day of the
month in which he/she is scheduled to take the written certification exam.

Registering for EMS 101 is done through the normal WCC
admissions/registration process.  You can do this either online at


or in person in the administration building on campus.

You may also contact Department Chair Steve Nardozzi directly to register.

   (914) 606-6507
   Science Bldg. Rm. 338