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Paramedic Program
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In New York State, a paramedic is the most advanced level of Emergency
Medical Technician providing pre-hospital emergency care. Paramedic
students build upon the foundation of their basic EMT certification and are
prepared for positions in the pre-hospital environment.

These highly trained and skilled professionals provide Advanced Life Support
and perform many invasive procedures such as endotracheal intubation,
intravenous cannulation, pleural decompression, external cardiac pacing and
electrical cardioversion.  They have an extensive background in human
anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and all aspects of Emergency Medical

The program is rigorous and intensive.  The course work will consist of
classroom as well as laboratory sessions, clinical and field internship
components. A variety of hospital and paramedic ALS (Advanced Life Support)
agencies are utilized throughout the educational experience. For those looking
to make emergency medical services their career, it is suggested that they
consider the Paramedic Program at Westchester Community College.

The Paramedic Program at Westchester Community College trains and
educates the most professional paramedics in the field.  Over 95% of our
graduates successfully pass the New York State EMS Certification Exam on
1st attempt.

The EMS Department at WCC utilizes state of the art
simulators that react
to your interventions and render the most reliable feedback
experience available.

4 semester programs can be completed in as little as 1 year and offer a
range of scheduling options that can be tailored to your own educational
needs.  Ask about both our
Certificate Program and A.A.S. Degree.  For
further information
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Our rolling admissions policy means that the Paramedic Program at WCC
every semester.  

A placement examination is required as well as an interview with the
curriculum chairperson.  For a complete description of the entrance
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Many of our graduates have gone on to long successful carreers in EMS,
while others have been accepted to the best nursing, physician assistant, and
medical schools.  Call or write to make an appointment to
speak with someone