Community College
Paramedic Program
The Paramedic Program at WCC may be taken either as a Certificate or
A.A.S. Degree.  Both curricula prepare the student to take the New York State
EMS Certification Examination, as well as the exam provided by the National
Registry of EMTs and Paramedics.

A.A.S. vs. Certificate-

While both options require 4 semesters of study, we strongly encourage
students to consider the A.A.S. Degree program as we feel it provides a more
well-rounded educational experience.  

The A.A.S. Degree program requires 4 semester of full-time study, while the
Certificate program consists of 2 semesters of part-time and 2 semesters of
full-time study.

Additionally, many students complete the Certificate program initially, then
return to WCC to complete the additional requirements for the A.A.S. Degree.  

NOTE:  The 3rd and 4th semesters of each program are identical.  
Prehospital Pharmacology, Paramedic 1 and Paramedic 2 constitute the 3rd
semester and are only offered each Fall.  Paramedic 3 and Paramedic 4
constitute the 4th semester and are only offered each Spring.